Resource Not Found (dependsOn is not working)

I’ve been getting this question quite a bit lately so I thought a good reason to get something written down (and it forced me to realize I never finished the previous topic). You have a resource in an Azure Resource Manager template that references another resource using reference() or listKeys(). That reference() call is behindContinue reading “Resource Not Found (dependsOn is not working)”

The Ultimate ARM Template – Part 2 (Parameters)

When you think of a template that will give you the most flexibility or reuse the main thing you’ll need is the ability to change what that template does and you do that with parameters. Variables help make this easier to do and read. So by allowing the consumer of the template to provide parametersContinue reading “The Ultimate ARM Template – Part 2 (Parameters)”

The Ultimate ARM Template – Part 1

In January I did a presentation at LEAP 2020 on “The Ultimate ARM Template”. The sessions weren’t recorded so when someone asked about it I offered to try to get the content out… It’s taken a while because I kept thinking how long this post would be (and procrastinating) so I eventually figured out IContinue reading “The Ultimate ARM Template – Part 1”